• What we do

Active recruitment and selection of talent for every organisation

You are looking for a partner to help you fill your job vacancies. Because you unable to find suitable candidates or lack the time or capacity to recruit actively.

Sourcing is our speciality

We source and find candidates at all levels – from junior to senior executives/C-level. Within every market and specialism. We focus exclusively on interested, qualified, and, therefore, relevant candidates.

Per vacancy or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) basis

Skouts assists you with the filling of permanent positions (not temporary/secondment). This means you use our services on a per vacancy basis. Alternatively, you can outsource your entire recruitment process to us. We are eager to step into your shoes.

What tools does Skouts use?

Smart searching, outside-the-box thinking, digital media, judgement of character, and experience. A lot of experience.

Actieve search

The majority of the working population is satisfied with their current position, but is open to a new opportunity, should it present itself (latent searchers). We reach this group through active search. Offline and online. Process.

Young people at the bank

‘At a large, international bank, they were looking for young people from advertising, IT, and new media for their in-house communication agency. A target group that doesn’t exactly have ‘a bank’ in mind when searching for a new job or career. However, the bank wanted to attract these young people.

The clear task for us was to identify these people and inform them about the banking sector and this specific part of it. Interesting detail: we were asked for style advice for their interviews several times…’

Skouts facts

  • the right candidate in 2-3 weeks
  • 85% of our searches leads to placement.

I’m a big fan of Skouts

‘I have been working with Skouts and Carole specifically for numerous of years. She came at a perfect time where we wanted to approach recruitment differently. Before we used the traditional channels to find candidates for our regional, global senior roles and for that part we switched almost completely to Skouts. I’m a big fan of Skouts when we are talking about turnaround time, quality of individuals and the professionalism they display. In other words they deliver what they promise and that is critical when it comes to attracting the right talent to your organization.’

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