• Process

From vacancy to search profile

We will visit you to discuss the vacancy. During this meeting, we will get a complete picture of the requirements a candidate must meet. We will then draw up a clear search profile.

Recruitment and selection

We source talent based on hard and soft skills, salary package, motivation, and availability. We discuss the search profile and the candidates’ intrinsic motivation with them via Skype or over the phone.

Candidate presentation

We will introduce at least 3 to 5 candidates, all of whom are suitable for the role. However, hiring people remains the responsibility of the organisation. In the end, you decide based on personal conversations.

We find the right candidates for every organisation.

Thinking outside of the box

‘In 2016, one of our clients asked us to replace one of their dyed-in-the-wool heavyweights in media sales. The person in question was a well-known figure in the market, with an extensive network. Due to his record of service, the client was inclined to search for someone with an identical profile. In our search, we quickly came across a young man who was raised and educated in the digital world. The client was reluctant, but we urged them to invite him for an introductory interview. It was love at first sight.’

Skouts facts

  • low rates
  • short lead time (2-3 weeks)

Very focused and result-driven

‘More than once I worked together with Skouts. They provided outstanding sourcing support for different key positions. It is a pleasure to work with Skouts, they are true professionals and experts in the fields of recruiting and sourcing. Very focused and result-driven, adapt quickly the needs of their clients to attract the right people. Reliable and integer, they kept me well informed about procedures, candidates feedback etc.. On whatever goal they have set their sights they truly make a difference. I highly recommend Skouts based on their knowledge of candidates sourcing.’ 

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