• Philosophy

Active recruitment and selection of talent within every organisation

We have our own ideas about the business. In addition to finding the right talents for every vacancy, we have a mission:

To make recruitment & selection more transparent, more effective, and more efficient.

Our methods might be somewhat unconventional. No offices, cars or fancy suits. What we do have is a great deal of knowledge and experience, and a strong focus on finding the right candidate. Recruitment & selection stripped of all its frills and excess baggage.

We like to be given space and like doing things our own way. But it’s the result that counts, right?

What you see is what you get

Our process is efficient and has proven to be effective. Read about our clients’ experiences.

Lucky shot or judgement of character?

‘During an intake at a start-up-like financial administrative office/new style accountant, it quickly became clear that they wanted to do the sourcing themselves first, to save costs. A difficult mission, because they were looking for someone with proper training as a RA/tax specialist, educated within the big four, but someone who would fit in their young, hip, online/cloud environment. By chance, during one of our previous searches for financials, a candidate had stuck in my mind because of her personality. Skouts wasn’t given the assignment, but we were allowed to introduce this candidate. Score!  Call it a lucky shot, or just: judge of character.’

Skouts facts

  • 20 years of screening CVs
  • 20 years of interviewing candidates
  • 20 years of looking behind-the-scenes at organisations around the world

‘No-nonsense and clear fee structure’

‘Within relatively short time Skouts come with highly qualified candidates with a personal explanation. Skouts switches in a pleasant and professional way both with me as the client as with the candidates. It is not just their way of working that is no-nonsense also their fee structure is very clear.’

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