• Skouts Public process

From vacancy to search profile

We will visit you to discuss the vacancy with key people within your organisation. During this meeting, we will get a complete picture of the requirements a candidate must meet. We will then draw up a strong search profile.

Skouts works for municipalities, district water boards, provinces, national government, and semi-governmental organisations.

Recruitment and selection

We source and find talent based on hard and soft skills, salary package, motivation, and availability. We then contact the candidates to discuss the search profile and their intrinsic motivation.


We will introduce at least 3 to 5 candidates, all of whom are suitable for the role. However, hiring people remains the responsibility of the organisation. In the end, you decide based on personal conversations.

Advisory selection committee

If necessary, we supervise the selection and advisory committee and prepare the members for the selection interviews. This ensures efficient collaboration between the members of the committee. This supervision is free of charge.

Skouts facts

  • 85% of our searches leads to placement.
  • the right candidate in 2-3 weeks
  • competitive rates

Short lines and transparent communication.

‘Skouts has managed to fill several difficult profiles. She quickly sees what the client’s requirements are and knows how to frame this within the context of the complex organisation. The first candidates were introduced within 2 to 3 weeks. The lines are short and communication is transparent. And even if the assignment proves to be more difficult, Skouts does not give up and is able to fill the position.’

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