Recruitment and selection agency

Skouts has over twenty years of experience in recruitment and selection. We source and find candidates at all levels – from junior to senior executives/C-level. Active recruitment of talent.

Talent for government

You are searching for professionals with excellent experience. And with the skills that corresponding with a directing, connecting, and communicating government. But where do you find these people? Read more about Skouts.

Fast results

Within two to three weeks, we will find the right candidates for your vacancies within operational management and the social and the property, construction, and infrastructure domains. Process.

Excellent recruitment & selection in the public sector

We source and find candidates at all levels, within every market and specialism.

Skouts Public process

Short lines and transparent communication.
‘Skouts has managed to fill several difficult profiles. She quickly sees what the client’s requirements are and knows how to frame this within the context of the complex organisation. The first candidates were introduced within 2 to 3 weeks. The lines are short and communication is transparent. And even if the assignment proves to be more difficult, Skouts does not give up and is able to fill the position.’

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